Kefa na riad + 3 nástavce

Kefa na riad s vymneniteľnými hlavicami. Bez použitia plastu.

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Kód: 70
Kategória: Domáce potreby

About this item

  • Sustainable - Our washing up brush is made from FSC certified beech wood and vegan fibre plant bristles. The washing up brush incl. The three interchangeable heads are made in Germany and then lovingly packaged in Bremen.
  • Sophisticated – The beech wood handle is ergonomically shaped, sits great in the hand and thus makes cleaning the entire washing up easier. At the end of the brush there is a stainless steel hanger that makes it easier to dry and hang the brush.
  • Change me - The rinse head can be easily changed, which greatly extends the life of the washing up brush. Thanks to the exclusive use of high-quality raw materials, the brush will become your long-lasting kitchen companion.
  • Zero Plastic - Not only our brush is zero plastic, but also the packaging. Here too, we have deliberately dispensed with the use of plastic and rely on sustainable packaging materials, such as recycled cardboard and our grass paper labels.
  • With love - we pack our products ourselves, which can ensure a high quality standard. If you are not satisfied despite our invested love and effort, you will receive 100% of the purchase price.